Goals for 2015

  • Undertake my Masters – Have enrolled in Masters of Construction Management with Deakin Uni.  First subject completed with a HD.  Yeah baby!
  • Get back into acting/singing etc – Currently in rehearsal with PMH Players for a production in April.  And I’ll be singing as part of it (first for me).
  • Save for NYC Holiday – Saving!  Saving!  Planning!
  • Be kind to myself – I’m working on this.  I’m eating healthy, I’m working out when I can but also accepting that I’m busy with rehearsals at the moment so allowing myself a hall pass on working out when I need rest.  But I’m still going to PT and loving it.
  • Continue to develop my career and forge professional relationships – am a member of NAWIC and working hard in my workplace to establish myself as a professional PM.

2014 Goals

  • Change things – job, life, stuff – Moved to NZ.  Never been here and didn’t know anyone.  Creates a whole new set of goals too – find a new trainer, make friends, settle in and excel and work…
  • Finish University degree – Two assignments to go!
  • Complete a half marathon – Entered the Auckland Marathon in Nov 2014
  • Lose weight – Hmmm
  • Start singing more – Hmmm
  • Go rock climbing

2013 Goals

  • Run in New York Central Park – May 2013 – I walked cause I’d already shopped for 5 hours!  Going back in 2015
  • Make a record at the Ryman – May 2013 – DONE!
  • Get somewhere in the 80’s or 70’s (will figure it out when I get there) – 88 as at 17/03/13
  • Continue to develop professionally and be the best at my job – have joined a couple of professional associations
  • Form a duo and sing in local bars and cafes
  • Get a new tattoo – rethinking this one…
  • Run 15km  – furthest so far is 14km.  Completed the City2Surf and have entered the City2Sea.  Plus planning a half-marathon July 2014
  • Go rockclimbing
  • Go horseriding – DONE!
  • Wear dresses and skirts to work – all over this one!
  • Undertake the community project I’ve been dreaming up
  • Make more friends in the local area
  • Play more golf
  • Complete a 5km fun run – DONE!
  • Complete a 5km fun run in under 30mins

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