maxresdefaultIn 2015, I will turn 40 years old.  40. I’m sure it wasn’t long ago that I was learning to write my name (a huge achievement with a surname like mine), having to learn to write with my left hand when I broke my collarbone coming off a motorbike, going to high school, learning to drive, leaving home.

But 2015 and turning 40 isn’t about being maudlin. It’s about identifying what I can improve on, learning from past mistakes and having a bloody great time in the process.

Health: 2015 is about losing weight. It’s about finding my love of fitness again. Setting some great goals with my trainer and appreciating the hard work I put into achieving optimal health.

Career: I’m going to work hard to develop my skills and confidence in my skills.  I’m going to try to work with my boss and find a way to assist him to appropriately represent the department. I’m going to focus on the career goals I’ve mapped out in the last week and commit to my Masters study. But I’m also going to be open to opportunity – challenge my work comfort zones.

Money: I’m going to save, save, save so I can enjoy my trip to America at the end of the year.  Eating healthily will help, as will remaining vigilant on buying unnecessary items.

Life:  Hmmmm. What about life? I’d like to get back into singing and acting.  I want to continue to develop a circle of friends and find people that make me laugh and challenge me intellectually. I’d love to learn to play the slide guitar but I think that will be a bit longer term – better focus on my study!

Mindset:  A few things on this one.  Firstly, while I’m determined to lose weight this year, I’m afraid that (yet again) it is linked to a major event.  I never realised it before, but the two times I’ve been really successful with weight loss, it’s been prior to overseas travel.  Instead of losing weight for my own wellbeing and whole of life, it’s been about feeling good for one event.  At least I’m aware of it I guess.  Secondly, I’ve made an appointment in early Jan for hypnotherapy.  As I’ve previously identified, I think I re-gain the weight I lose because I have never dealt with the reason for being overweight in the first place.  Best I actually do that this time.

What else.  Exploring my adopted country, I’ve got tickets to a few concerts (Ed Sheeran & Foo Fighters) and like I said, heading to America at the end of the year – Christmas in New York!

Happy New Year!


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