Graduating (Masters in Procrastination)

graduateI have been studying for about 8 years.  Combined with full time work and other life stuff, it’s been pretty full on.  It’s also been with a Uni that has three sessions a year so it’s been pretty much nonstop for that whole time.

Not that I want to jinx it but I’m just two (successful) assignments away from finishing.  So my mind couldn’t help but wander to all the things I’ve avoided or not done by using study as an excuse.  Because that excuse is disappearing shortly so why not own up to the procrastination and start listing all the things I want to do:

Create (and keep to) a workout schedule – not just gym visits and PT but classes, weekend explorations and training for a half marathon.

Read long overdue books and magazine – I have lots of unopened health and fitness mags plus lots of books that I want to read.

Watch shows that I missed the first time round – West Wing, Friday Night Lights, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, True Detective.  Yep, I’ve missed em all.  Feel free to tell me about any others I should know about.

Do something with my singing – I’ve been lurking on sites that look for singers/people to collaborate with.  I’ve promised myself I’ll get the courage to contact people once I’m finished with Uni.

Explore NZ – regardless of how long I’m here for, I need to get out and discover this beautiful country.

Go to Suna Pilates – a work colleague has suggested we try it out.  I’ve been snowed with Uni but really want to, both for health benefits but to also have the work colleague become a friend.

Find something interesting to learn about – doing this degree has been all about getting the piece of paper.  I’m not sure that it’s really contributed to my career so if I study again I want it to be of benefit to my work.  Maybe Project Management or Construction.

Take some random classes that I know nothing about – I walked past a Cafe the other day that was advertising Art Classes.  I’m really crap at drawing and painting but who cares.  Or maybe some other random class.  I just did a quick google search and I think my first task is to figure out what it’s called over here (adult education and community college didn’t show anything).

No doubt I’ll be adding to this list – 8 years is a long time to procrastinate!!!

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