Why I love working out

Call it endorphins, call it ego, call it whatever you like but I love working out.  While I do (usually) feel great after a workout, when I’m working hard with a trainer and doing things I never dreamed of doing , that’s when I feel best.

I think it’s because no matter how I feel about my weight or life in general, in the middle of a workout, I’m doing things that make me feel fit.  I remember years ago I was doing sprints with my trainer and being appreciative of her training me like I was a fit person.  Because it was just me running I had no clue how I measured against others and I didn’t care because, to me, I was fit baby!

images-19I wear a heart rate monitor (hurry up iWatch!) and love getting a really high reading, letting it drop then shooting through the roof again.  I’m constantly amazed at how quickly it drops which I guess must be an indication of my fitness.

While I still struggle with food and calorie intake the physical and mental benefits of working out mean that at least I can get a natural high and feel good about myself for at least part of the day!

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