Down 1.5kg, up 1.3kg

Well my week of being fully committed went great.  I dropped 1.5kg from Monday to Friday.  Then had gained 1.3kg by the next Monday weigh-in.

I didn’t think I ate that much!  I went to a dinner party on the Sat night but didn’t eat too much of the sweet stuff, focussing more on vege.  A few drinks but I drove so they were minimal.

Guess that means then that my perception of “not much” still needs some adjustment!

And this week has completely gone to pot.  I had a death in the family that I pathetically used as an excuse to eat lots of Easter stuff.

I’ve been diligent with training though and am looking forward to my first run in 4 weeks (injury time out) tomorrow.

My Mum is here now so that will help get my food back under control.  Last time she was here I lost a couple of kg’s in a week with all the yummy veg she cooked for dinner.

Oh and I entered my first ever half marathon!  Lots to train for now!


Update:  Two 6km runs yesterday and today.  Not the best times in the world but I managed to knock 1min off the second run so I’m happy with that.  And honestly, I’m just happy to be running again!

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