Time for reflection before leaving the country (and 2013)…

I’m not usually a fan of saying “if it wasn’t for this person, I wouldn’t be here” but I’m going to say it anyway.  If it wasn’t for Kim Bobbin of Active Exercise Physiology, I wouldn’t be here.

There’s no doubt that I did (and continue) the hard work.  It was me that got my butt to the gym and it was me that managed what I put in my mouth. But there was one person who encouraged me, supported me, trained me and believed in me.  She believed in me more that I believed in myself on most days.

She helped me set goals then exceed them.  She suggested blog posts that she knew would  cause me to have a light bulb moment.  She challenged me and she fed my need for (healthy) competition.

She knew the difference between an excuse and an injury, trained me to the point of exhaustion, gave me a moment to recover, then do it all again.  We never had the same workout twice, never wasted a workout and we never had a harsh word (not even when I just wanted to curl into the foetal position and hide).

Kim taking a selfie and still managed to capture us running up the hill.  That's skill!

Kim taking a selfie and still managed to capture us running up the hill. That’s skill!

She took photos of me to make comparisons and photos for this blog and photos just cause I thought my muscles might look good lifting weights.  She even took the banner photo at the top of this page (while making me sprint up some hellish stairs).

She kicked my butt when I needed it – most often cause I wouldn’t take a recovery or rest week, but also when I was too easy or hard on myself or when I refused to acknowledge my achievements.

But most of all, she made me feel fit.  Not just physically, but mentally.  Because why on earth would I think I could lose a heap of weight, do a 14km run or hill sprints or chin ups or SURFING or any other crazy thing we’ve done over the last few years?  I say crazy because the Jillian of 2011 (and many years prior) would have had half a thought of trying something new, laughed, then gone back to the couch with bag of chocolate.  The Jillian of 2013 is planning a move to a new country, a new job and a new fitness challenge (helllooo half marathon). And I’m looking forward to re-committing to my health objectives and having even more kick-ass goals (and before/after photos) to brag about.

ProgressLosing weight and/or getting fit isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s bloody hard.  But if you surround yourself with the right people, not just a cheer squad, but the occasional “kick up the butt” squad, then there’s a fair chunk of your battle right there.

So to Kim Bobbin of Active Exercise Physiology, I say thank you.  Thanks for seeing the person I could be and giving me the tools I needed to not only reveal her, but to actually like her.

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