Changing shape

50kgs difference

50kgs difference

While the scales aren’t really moving for me at the moment (which is both a positive and negative in itself), I have noticed that my shape is changing.  My trainer also pointed this out the other day.  I had taken a photo before I started my 10km and made it a comparison photo and my trainer suggested I go and look at the photo from when I finished City2Surf and she’s right.  Even just my arms have changed in the last few weeks.

A few weeks difference

A few weeks difference

Today at work someone asked me if I was still losing, because she could see that my shape was changing.  I’m finding those comments more rewarding than any at the moment because I am working hard on toning and also doing lots of running.  I had said towards the start of this year that I didn’t want to focus on weight loss but whatever incidental loss came from training I would appreciate and that’s exactly what’s happening.

And I’m sooooo loving the extra daylight at the moment.  This morning I was out running by 5.30am which lets me get 6km done and still be at work by 7.30am.  I’ve also churned out two Uni assignments in the last few days – all as a result of being on track and having extra energy.  And having holidays next week!

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