A Datsun Day

Huh? What on earth is a Datsun Day?  Or are you a complete revhead like me and get it?  Let’s just say I burnt a large number of calories last Sunday – a number same as a certain Datsun model.

IMG_3207I was originally going to work out with a bunch of people my PT trains – a bit of a workout/social gathering of Active EP PT clients.  It was cancelled on the Sat due to the high chance of rain so I got up Sunday morning and did my usual 7km.  Part way round I could hear my phone getting messages and thought to myself “I bet the workout is back on”.  Sure enough, when I got home, there was a message on fb that for those that were still available, we could do a workout at Tathra Beach. Why not?

Despite my strict, self-imposed rule of no food 3 hrs before a workout, I knew I would need to eat breakfast to give my body enough fuel to complete another workout (love the thought of fuelling my body appropriately).

So we did the Beach Stairs which I’ve only done once since the original time with Kim – read the blog here.

Charge!  Lap No. 1

Charge! Lap No. 1

We did one lap as an orientation walk then did it for real – 10 times.  After 10 I still had a few in me so I went again and Kim very kindly came with me.  It makes such a HUGE difference to have someone stick with you and keep you focussed.

Second calorie burn of the day

Second calorie burn of the day

I felt like after 13 I left everything I had on those stairs and yet I am still so surprised at how quickly I recover. By the end of 13 I was gasping for breath and absolutely buggered but by the time we walked down the stairs again my breathing was returning to normal and I was feeling pretty good.  I also feel like my fitness has kicked up a notch in the last few weeks.  Part of it was due to the 10km, the day after that I felt a change, like I was ready to go hard and achieve all new goals.

Kim leading me up the stairs - no choice but to stick with her and get it done

Kim leading me up the stairs – no choice but to stick with her and get it done

Now the photo below, I was originally thinking “oh great an arse shot” and had no intention of posting it.  But then, I had another look.  Sure, there’s bits flying in every direction and it may be considered unflattering.  But instead, I actually see strength.  I see hard work.  Fitness.  Determination.  Muscles.  And I feel pride.

The arse shot

The arse shot

PS – Still not getting the Datsun reference?  I burnt 1600 calories for the morning.  Flashback!

imagesPPS – Jan this year when I did the stairs I burnt 753 calories over 8 laps.  This time it was 734 over 13 laps.  Go the fitness!


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