The Track – on/off

Just one of the amazing things on my trip

Just one of the amazing things on my trip

Yes, I know I’ve been off air for a while.  I had the most AMAZING time in America.  So good that I’ve really struggled to settle back into life.  Which hasn’t been made easier by the less than ideal time I’m having at work at the moment.

Which has left me struggling to exercise, eat right or even feel committed to anything.

Today I’m removing the tiara, pulling up my big girls panties and kicking myself up the butt.  I have run 11km this weekend, am cooking a lasagne tonight which will provide 6 portions, written a meal plan, shopped against the meal plan (no extras) and worked out a plan to achieve my running goals.  Oh and looked at some new running gear – the reason I only did 4km this morning was cause my pants kept falling down.

My PT quite rightly pointed out that I need to re-engage with this blog as it helps keep me on track and remain accountable. So I will try to do that but must also be aware that work is so crazy busy it might be a while between posts.

Now, off to cook my lasagne and organise the rest of the weeks meals and snacks. Oh and study for a Uni exam this week.

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