R.O.C.K in the USA

That said, we better start with a bit of John Mellancamp

Can you see where this post is going?  That’s right, I’m off to the USA for a holiday.

First though, Melbourne for the 12WBT Workout and Finale

Then on the Monday after, fly out to the States.  Here’s the itinerary:

LA – Disneyland, Universal Studios, Miranda Lambert concert
Oklahoma – stay with friends and John Fullbright concert
Austin – V8 Supercars
Drive Austin to New Orleans to Memphis to Nashville
New York City – Shopping, Mets vs Yankees, Shopping, Broadway
Saratoga Springs – Brad Paisley & Chris Young concert
LA – Shopping, sightseeing

So forgive me if you don’t hear too much for the next month or so.  I’ll be living it up in the States, with lots of shopping, catching up with friends, concerts and just random experiences.  One of the most important things for me on this trip is that I’m going as happy, healthy Jillian, not Jillian that has lost 55kgs.  My weight loss no longer defines me.  It will never be forgotten and will remind me to work hard and stay fit but it’s not the unspoken sentence when I introduce myself and it’s not an excuse to not buy nice clothes and it will be what brings me joy when I go running in the States.

Gosh I’m excited!  If you want to follow our travels (by our I mean Mum and Dad are coming too!), you can check out this webpage http://rheinberger.com.au/jetsetting/2013-america/

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