The calm before the storm

It’s Saturday morning, about four hours before my first ever fun run. Everyone else is still asleep and I’m sitting here listening to the ocean and the birds waking up.

I decided this event shouldn’t be called a fun run. Not because, as most people say, there’s nothing fun about running, but because it’s a competition. This isn’t your usual people with prams, young children and dogs strolling along enjoying the scenery. This is all of about 30 people going their hardest to cross the finish line first. I looked up the times from last year and my fastest five km time is pretty much at the back of the pack.

So I’m going in to this today with the thought that it will be good experience, a starting point for future events and a great opportunity to celebrate what I’ve achieved in the last 18 months. As one of my friends here this weekend said, could any of us imagine me doing this a couple of years ago? And it’s kinda fun to think in what capacity I might be competing this time next year (team triathlon anyone?).

Regardless of when (or how!) I cross the finish line, today I will be proud of myself and enjoy the support of my friends as they cheer me on (or laugh at me).

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