Feedback on my vlog – becoming an inspiration?

As well as posting a link to my vlog on here and on the 30+ FB page, I put it on the 12WBT Forums.  It has been viewed over 550 times on YouTube and I’ve been blown away by the comments.  Here’s a selection:

  • Wow! what an inspiring video..gave me goose bumps! Well done!
  • This video just made my day and actually brought me tears of happiness for you on how far you have come!!! Congratulations on everything you have achieved and with your positive mindset and determination you will SMASH all your goals!!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey and best of luck with everything smile Big hugs xx
  • WOW..WOW..WOW.. You’re AMAZING & You’re BEAUTIFUL, & You’re an INSPIRATION to me. AND…I love your blog. What a FANTASTIC PAGE. smilesmilesmile
    I’m going to do a workout.
    Thanks smilesmile
  • OMG How inspiring! That just brought me to tears – the journey, your strength and determination to keep going! You should be so proud of how far you have come!! All the best for your future and I just KNOW you are going to SMASH those GOALS!! grin
  • Wow really admire your courage and determination….and the fact that you have fallen in love with you smile
  • You rock sis. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU. I’m blessed that I can call you my sister, you have inspired me with your journey in the past year and I’m so happy you’ve found the courage to share it with others.
  • You have given me so much hope! You are living proof that hard work pays off. You should be so proud of yourself & I am sure that you are an inspiration to everyone that has just started this program. Thanks so much for sharing your personal journey as this is something I am really struggling with. I can’t even post a picture of myself because I hate having my photo taken while overweight. All the best in your journey to reach goal weight!
  • Thank you so much for sharing. You should be so proud of your achievements. What I found the most amazing about your changes is not just your body shape but your eyes! They are a completely different shape and size now and have such a warm beautiful glow that can only come from within and a sense of happiness and self worth. Priceless.
  • Tears running down my face watching this. You’re fantastic, fit and STRONG. My fave pic is of you standing leaning on your knees having run up a big hill. JFDI indeed. You rock.
  • that was something that really reached my soul – i could have cried, it was that great. What a really wonderful thing to put together on your life and how far you have come – the song was great but what you have achieved is even better. congratulations, you are a real inspiration.
  • Thank you! I let my 18 month old destroy a full box of tissues just so I could watch the entire thing uninterrupted. Beautiful and inspiring.
  • Wow, I have sat here and had tears rolling down my face after reading your blog and viewing the youtube! You have taken charge of your life in such an amazing way – well done.
    I loved your expression, “all shades of pain” – great descriptor, I think I might have to borrow that one!
    You are an inspiration – my target – I am going to be where you are now in twelve months time!
  • This is my first ever post. I just wanted to say congratulations! Thank you for inspiring me.
    I am going to be brave and I am going to really believe I can do it.
  • That was absolutely amazing, it made me cry, the song was fabulous but just watching your smile increase in every photo was overwhelming…YOU are my inspiration a real person achieving fantastic Goals…
    THANK YOU !!!!
  • Thank you Jil, I am going to save your link and watch it when I’m struggling and feeling like I can’t to this. You are inspirational!

To say that I am overwhelmed by these comments would be an understatement.  In some ways it scares me that people think I am inspirational but I also feel proud that anyone would think that.  I take it very seriously and want to reach out to those that have expressed nerves or lack of self-belief.  Because that was me.  It’s been a hard road, I don’t think anyone would think that it isn’t, but it is so very worth it.

I will be writing on my forum post, as well as individual messages to some people, but to anyone reading this, if you would like a buddy or someone to kick your butt or even just someone to vent to, please get in contact with me.  Send me a message on this page and I’ll get straight back to you.

I won’t promise anything other than to provide assistance where I can, or to point you in the right direction to get the support you need.  I’m not qualified in anything and won’t pretend to be something I’m not.  I still rely on my trainer and the 12WBT program and will continue to do so for quite some time but I can give you someone to relate to.

jil xxx

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