I know, I know, I’ve been rather slack.  So here’s an update on all sorts of things:

1. Singing at the Show
This post in February talked about the big weekend I had planned with the local Show, including singing the National Anthem.    I have a photo as requested but it’s a bit fuzzy.  Hopefully you can see the difference:

3 yrs and 55 kgs difference

3 yrs and 55 kgs difference

I also spent most of the weekend in my brand new (first ever) RM Williams jeans and singlet – with lots of sunscreen.  BIG change from last year:

Fun on a Kubota

Fun on a Kubota

2.  Talking between songs at a gig
Well this one didn’t go so well (read here for the background).  I did introduce us and made a few comments but unfortunately the gig was significantly reduced to the other half of my duo being late.  Oh well.  Next time.  Though on that, I did get a call the other day from someone that asked me if I’d be interested in joining their band.  Yes that probably does call for exclamation marks, except (sigh) why does the perfect opportunity that lands in your lap, have to be just a little left of what you want?  I am, of course, talking genre.  I’m a country singer (think Miranda Lambert, Dixie Chicks, Sugarland) and they’re starting a jazz band… I haven’t completely dismissed the idea and I’m waiting to hear from them to go for coffee and have a chat.

3.  Operation Back On Track
I’m doing pretty well.  Still not losing much but the training is great, food is mostly compliant and the scales are slowly dropping.  In addition, I’m feeling good about my first ever fun run next weekend.  I did my best 5km time this weekend and will take a break from running and do other sorts of training this week to give myself a rest before the run.  I’m nervous as all get out but pretty excited too.  A good friend of mine is doing her first triathlon enticer the same day so I look forward to cheering her on as well.

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