Operation Back On Track

Today marks the first day of Operation Back on Track/Lose the last 10kgs.  After taking stock over the last few days, I decided to treat myself like a project at work, developed an action plan and started putting it in place.

Dot points from suggestions on this blog and 12WBT Forums

Dot points from suggestions on this blog and 12WBT Forums

First step was to review the comments I received both from my last post on this blog and on the 12WBT forums when I wrote about my struggles (thanks all!).  From this, I wrote a number of dot points.

This morning (after my 11km run), I wrote out my meal plan for the week and the subsequent shopping list.

My meal plan also includes my training sessions and any work travel so I can make sure I plan as much as I can.

I had a lovely lunch out at Mum and Dad’s which included a salad sandwich and a good natter.  Love my Sunday lunches on the farm.

Then I did a cook up for the week that included lasagne and chicken for my lunches.

Lasagne (dinner), muesli (breakfast) and chicken (lunch) for the week

Lasagne (dinner), muesli (breakfast) and chicken (lunch) for the week

I also had the salad stuff to put with the lasagne for dinner and contents for my lunch wraps.

During this I also re-did my Pre-Season Kitchen Makeover tasks.  The stuff wasn’t too bad but wasn’t being eaten and was probably just going to tempt me at the wrong time.

As part of my mission to keep on track, I updated my white(pink) board that it is in the middle of my inspiration board.


Inspiration Board with action plan

Inspiration Board with action plan

Muddy path with lots of dirt and things to trip on

Muddy path with lots of dirt and things to trip on

As an aside, this afternoon Dad and I went down to the local walking track and did some work.  Possibly self serving cause I run it regularly but there was a section that was covered in dirt that had been washed down and got muddy and slippery when it rained.  I was on the broom and Dad on the shovel (poor Dad got the raw deal cause it turned out to be much more dirt than I anticipated).  Nice job though.  We also went to another section that had overgrown trees that meant you either had to duck or go off the path to get through.  We chopped them right back so now there’s a clear way through.


Job well done

Job well done

12WBT Lasagne and salad

12WBT Lasagne and salad

Dinner afterwards consisted of the lasagne and the salad.

Overall, I’m feeling more positive than I have in a number of weeks. I’ve had a busy few weeks and let myself get away from planning and being prepared.  Maybe part of it was exhaustion as well.

I won’t have burned my required calories this week but I’m OK with that.  Saturday I had a day at home veging out and it was really lovely.  An entire day in my PJ’s!  How decadent!

That may well have been why I woke with excitement this morning cause I had plans to go for a long run.  I did 11kms and it felt great.  I’m trying to focus on technique, learning how fast I’m going based on my heart rate rather than Nike Running and pace.  My first ever 5km fun run is in about 3 weeks, hence the focus.

So, here’s to Operation Back on Track.  My main goal this week is my final dot point on the whiteboard “Be Accountable”.  I do hope that what I’m feeling now sticks around and I think I’ve given myself a good head start with the planning that I’ve done today.

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