I double dare myself

I have a small gig tonight (small in duration, not in number of attendees) where I’m playing for a local function in the Pavilion at the Showground to about 150 people.  I haven’t done much singing for the last twelve months, I think mainly because I’ve been focussing on my work, health and fitness more than anything else.

I’m not very experienced with this stuff and while I mostly get my nerves under control, I don’t talk much to the audience or engage with them in any way.  It’s like I can get through the songs but am afraid to relate to them between songs.

I quite often imagine myself being witty and engaging, using the whole stage, providing a show rather than just a singer.  Today on my run I was imagining relating a story about the compere for the evening and then stopped to think that I wish I had the courage to do that.  Which, of course, led to me think “why the hell don’t I????”.  Here’s me pushing new boundaries, setting amazing goals, achieving great things so “I wish” has no place in my life anymore.  If I’m thinking about it, JUST FREAKING DO IT!

So this is my challenge to myself tonight.  I’m going to engage with the audience.  Even if it’s to talk about the song or the artist that I’m singing.  I will, if appropriate and opportune, relate my story about the compere and I will allow people to see the person behind the microphone.

And I’ve put it on here so you guys will keep me accountable!

Now, I just need to go figure out what the bloody hell I’m wearing!

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2 Responses to I double dare myself

  1. Good luck, I am sure you will do great 🙂

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