“You’ve lost a whole person!”

Can you understand why I might find this offensive? Forget that it’s supposed to be a compliment, usually exclaimed in total surprise, but really?  Yes, I was so overweight that I needed to lose the weight of an entire person and I’m still considered overweight.  Yay me.

At the 12WBT Workout on the weekend a lady asked my friend what 30+ stands for. As Donna was explaining it describes people who need to lose 30kgs or more, the lady asked what we had lost and when I said 55kgs she said “that’s a whole person!”.  I just smiled and they continued their conversation and I walked back to my sister and said “I really must learn not to take that so personally”.  She, of course, said it was something to be proud of but she’s never had a weight issue so it kinda didn’t hold much for me.

In fact, that’s what my sister weighs now.

I know that the reason I find this so upsetting is my issue because I’m the one that put the weight on in the first place.  There is no malice in people’s comments, they would have no idea how hurtful it is for me.  Crikey, I’ve even compared my weight loss to inanimate objects or animals.  But those things are removed from a direct comparison to a person.  Particularly as my weight loss number increases, I will no doubt encounter this more and more from people as they can’t help compare my lost number to their actual bodyweight.


The only way I can console myself with this is to focus on the person (and weight) I am becoming. That maybe that whole person I have lost has also taken the undesirable personality and character traits I didn’t like about myself. And the insecurities, lack of self love, low self esteem, depression and self loathing can all bugger off with it.

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1 Response to “You’ve lost a whole person!”

  1. felicitye says:

    Wow, i’d never thought of it like that but definitely see where you’re coming from. Be proud of your efforts and for becoming a better person inside too 🙂

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