Welcome to the 80’s baby!

images-5I loved the 80’s.  I was born in 75 so the 80’s were the time in my life when I discovered music and fashion and hairstyles and great movies (and possibly even boys).  I loved Bon Jovi, Madonna, fluro, leg warmers, off the shoulder t-shirts, scrunchies and classic 80’s movies like Flashdance, Fame and Footloose.  In fact, now that I’ve had that thought, I have to go find my favourite scene ever from Footloose:

Still awesome.  If only more people would dance out their anger and frustration…

images-4So why this trip down memory lane?  Cause with this weeks weigh-in, I’m back in the 80’s baby!!!!

I think the last time I was in the 80’s was the 1980’s so it’s kind of fitting really.  I’m also thrilled because the kick up the butt I gave myself in my last post was obviously what was required cause I skipped straight over 90 and into 89.  Now I can go to Finale with a sense of accomplishment but also a lot of excitement and anticipation for the next round.

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1 Response to Welcome to the 80’s baby!

  1. Woot woo!!! And YES! Totally LOVE that scene from Footloose and that song is on my playlist 🙂 80s rock (in more ways than one for you) 🙂

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