I’m calling bullsh*t on myself

Did you read my last post?  The one where I was talking about finding balance and being OK with not losing as much weight this round?  The one where I was trying to convince myself that making less-than-great food choices was OK because I was learning to adjust to this being my real life?

Yup, I’m calling bullshit on it all.

I haven’t been seeing results on the scales purely due to food choices.  My training has been great and I’m running lots and loving it.  But over the Christmas/New Year/Birthday couple of weeks I let a few things sneak back into my diet.  I was still writing out my food plans and eating well for breakfast but for lunch I was having two (!) salad sandwiches, sometimes the same for dinner.  Plus my snacks, while still relatively healthy, were too many and too often.

3808_10200221800568756_162251884_nSo I’m back to counting calories, completing food plans and actually ticking off each meal to ensure compliance.  That said, I obviously have to readjust to the drop in calories because I’m ready to eat the ar$e out of a low flying duck!

But I’m also feeling better than I have in ages.  I’m going to get back into this thing, get my bum into gear and start making sure that I blitz the last couple of weeks.  I intend to get into the 80’s before Finale because I absolutely, unequivocally refuse to feel like I don’t deserve to go to Finale.

So, consider my arse well and truly kicked!

PS – Thanks to all the people that responded to my post about excuses.  I appreciated every comment and acknowledge the wisdom in all of them.  When I am nearer goal weight and actually earn the right to review my food choices, I will gladly revisit and implement the great advice.

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