Just an excuse? Or when is an excuse not an excuse?

I’ve been stewing on this for a few days and am now going to attempt to write it down.

This is my third round of 12WBT.  My first I lost 17kgs, the second 12kgs and this one I’m sitting at about 6kgs lost.  The me that started the first round would be disappointed with this result.  But I think I’m OK with it.  Because I’m finding out so many things about myself, my body and its capabilities, what I think about things and what I want out of life that I feel like this round has almost been one of my most successful.

I have heard a lot of people talk about “non-scale related wins” and other achievements that aren’t link to numbers but I guess I never really got it before.  While I would still like to see the numbers drop when I weigh-in each week, I’m concentrating a lot on my running distances and times, I’ve started wearing clothes to work that I would never have previously (ie dresses) and I’m learning to actually like myself.

61480_261056077354340_6103589_nAre all of these things just excuses though?  Because I have to admit, my diet isn’t as great as it could be.  I’m not over the top, and there’s no chocolate, soft drinks, sweets or anything of the kind, just not entering everything into my food diary and not stressing when I receive invites to go out to dinner.  Perhaps that’s what needs to happen though.  I had previously worried about what I would do when I got to goal weight, and while I have a while to go, maybe this round is about me seeing that I have learnt moderation, that I can find balance between being social/eating healthily and therefore thinking more long term than I have for a long time. Or maybe some would say that I should continue to go hard until I reach my goal and then adjust?

I do still write out my food plans, prepare for red flag days and exercise (a lot!).  I’m still focussed on having a kg number that starts with 8 prior to finale and I am training hard for my fun runs in March and April.

So maybe these aren’t excuses. Maybe, just maybe, this is life…

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2 Responses to Just an excuse? Or when is an excuse not an excuse?

  1. Pink Penny says:

    Maybe you’re right – it comes down to HOW you want to live your life and what takes precedence… the dinners with friends or faster weight loss?

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