A 365 day comparison

Today is my 38th birthday.  What better time to reflect on the past year.

I had a party at my house for my 37th birthday and performed with my band.  I thought I was looking pretty good and had lost a few kilos over Christmas.  I looked back at the photos today and my initial reaction is one of disgust.

I’ve stewed on that for a couple of hours now, then I went and got the clothes that I wore (that are packed in bags I’m sending to Vinnies) and tried them on…


13 Jan 12 to 13 Jan 13

13 Jan 12 to 13 Jan 13

Then I checked my Wii Fit which I got as a present for my birthday last year.  I weighed in at 139.8.  Today, 91.5.  Just 48.3kg in 365 days…

So how did I celebrate my birthday?  Like this:



That’s right – 10km run to start the day.  And it felt fantastic.  I cannot believe how much I love running.  My trainer isn’t a fan because she says it bores her but I love the time out on the road.  I can think if I want or I can just run.

And as a final thought on my birthday:  I’ve realised that I no longer want my age to define me.  I want to be defined by what I achieve each day. By the kindness I show to others.  By the moments that I set, work towards and meet my goals (small or great).  Time passes no matter what, so why not have something great to show for it?


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1 Response to A 365 day comparison

  1. Carol says:

    Oh my gosh what an absolutely brilliant photo and such a great result for a years work and you can only keep going down. Keep up the wonderful work.

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