A huge week of huge workouts

I seem to have got a little motivated this week.  Not that my motivation was flagging but I kicked it up a notch this week:

10km run burn + abs

10km run burn + abs

Monday 31/12  Swim (250cal), Gym (750cal)
Tuesday 01/01 8km Run (1015cal)
Wednesday 02/01 Swim (243cal)
Thursday 03/01 6km Run (817cal), PT (764cal)
Friday 04/01 Swim (250cal), 18holes Golf (1016cal)
Saturday 05/01 10km Run (1002cal)
Sunday 06/01 Gym (519cal)


I started out wanting to burn lots to celebrate end of year and all the amazing things I have achieved this year.  Then I went out for NYE, had one beer, was home in bed by 1am and back up at 6am to run 8km.  Kind of like a New Years achievement on Day 1 as I’ve never run that far before.  Once I’d run the 8km though I felt like I could keep going.

On Friday I entered my first ever Fun Run (in Canberra in April) so was planning to go out Saturday and smash out 5km to see how my times were.  But my plans changed and I felt good so I decided to do 10km.  I was pretty buggered at the end of it but also rather proud of myself.

Back to work tomorrow so probably won’t be able to burn as many calories but I’ll still be focussed and keen to improve my running – technique, distance and time.  I’m feeling a lot more confident with my running so will push myself to go running when I’m travelling for work (starting next week as well – blah).

My food this week hasn’t been strict but not overboard – summer fruit and veg has been lovely!  I have a goal in mind for my next weigh-in so here’s hoping this week has put me closer to achieving that.

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  1. You’ve smashed it this week! Awesome job! Hope you get to your goal this week!!

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