Happy New Year!

I have to admit I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself today.  I decided to see 2012 out with a 1000 calorie workout.  Not because I wanted to drink on NYE but because I was proud of myself for the year gone and what better way to show it.  I went swimming first and concentrated on my breathing.  Usually when I’m swimming I use flippers and a kickboard because I never learnt to breath properly and, as a consequence, don’t feel like a very strong swimmer.  So I’m trying hard to ditch the kickboard (not the flippers!) and do a couple of laps with proper breathing.  And instead of panicking if I get into trouble I just roll over and backstroke the rest of the way.

After swimming I had some breakfast and, after the appropriate amount of time, went to the gym to burn the other 750 calories.  I did 10mins on the bike with 1min intervals, 5 intervals on the rower (1min rowing, 30sec rest), 3 x 12 wall squats, mini-circuit with push-ups, opposite arm & leg raises, 15mins on treadmill doing 1 and 2 min intervals, another 10mins on the bike doing 15sec intervals (harsh!!) then a heaps of abs.

Last night, for NYE, I went to a local pub and had one beer. I didn’t get home til about 1am but was up at 7am and out pounding the pavement.  I was determined to do that increased run that I didn’t get to do the other day.

I did just over 8km in total (plus the 1.5km warm-up walk) but didn’t quite reach the 1000 calories so did a heap of squats, skipping and other cardio plus my stretches.

At the risk of sounding like I’ve got tickets, I have to say I’m feeling rather proud of myself.  Two solid workouts totalling over 2000 calories in two days and my furtherest run ever.

So with that in mind, I’ve started a goals list for 2013.  No doubt to be added to as I go but it’s a start…

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  1. What a great start to the year!

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