Active Recovery Week/Learning to listen to my body

So this week I promised my trainer I would do active recovery.  That is, still workout but burning calories in ways that I don’t usually i.e. other than gym sessions or long runs.  I have to admit this kinda freaked me out, I guess because I still have a fear that once I stop I may never start again.

But I was determined to be a woman of my word (as Mish says) and so I stuck to my promise:

4km run on Christmas Day

4km run on Christmas Day

Monday:  Swim

Tuesday:  4km Run

Wednesday:  Rest

Thursday:  12WBT Toning video

Friday:  4km walk in Snowy Mountains

Saturday:  5km Run

I know there are a couple of runs in there but they were pretty short and were out at my parents farm so a completely different track/surface etc so I figure they count as active recovery.  Nice views too!

My sister, her children and myself at the Mt Kosciuszko lookout

My sister, her children and myself at the Mt Kosciuszko lookout

Last night I was back at my house and planning to add at least an additional km to my existing 7km run.  I was up early and out but during my 1.5km warm-up walk my back just didn’t feel right.  Nothing specific, no pain but enough to make me worry that if I pushed it by running at all, I might do some damage.

I live in constant fear of hurting my back again.  Quite often it handles everything I throw at it and I’m getting better at adding new exercises with the guidance of my trainer but just once I would like a “Sliding Doors” moment.  Like this morning, I could see if my back really was needing a rest or if I could push it.  Sliding Doors would let me do both and see what it responded better to, but there would be no consequences if I pushed it and it gave out on me.  Then I would know if I really am listening and responding appropriately to what my body is telling me or just using it as an excuse.

Guess that will never happen so I’ll just have to go with the listening option.  So this morning I shortened my track and walked the whole way.  Tomorrow morning is swimming but might see how I feel and add my run onto the end of that…


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