Smashing it vs Stressing it

imagesSo I’m having a hellish time at work at the moment.  Things are escalating with projects and of course the usual pre-Christmas rush (no, I’m not in retail).  I’m finding myself completely stressed and working ridiculously long hours (a lot of which is spent on the road).  I realised the other day that I am handling this stress a lot better than I have previously.  By this time of the year I’m usually bordering on some sort of illness, stressed to the point of crying constantly and thoroughly out of sorts.  This year, while the workload and associated stress is much greater, I am handling it much better.  I have more energy, feel fit and better able to cope.  That’s not to say that I’m not feeling close to overwhelmed and drowning in work and have had to rely on family and friends to help me but I also know I’ll get through the other side.

On top of that, I did my 1km time trial this evening before my PT session.  Didn’t feel real great while I was running and it was ridiculously hot but I was determined to come in under 7mins (my Wk 1 time was 7.02).  Guess what???  6min 16sec baby!!!!!  Excited to see what I’ll do in Wk 8 now.

Then the PT session I had was full-on with strength then cardio then strength circuits then boxing then abs.  I was seriously exhausted but also exhilarated.  Particularly to see that I had burned over 800 calories.  Quite a while since I’ve burned that much in a PT session.  Combine that with this morning’s workout and I’ve done a cool 1000 calories today.

Even though I’m really only managing work and exercise in a day, I’m generally coping OK and I don’t doubt it’s because exercise is that other component.  12months ago that was work and comfort eating.  What a difference a year makes…

images-1As an aside, I’m going on a houseboat this weekend and have been making myself even more stressed by worrying about getting organised, getting work done before I leave, all sorts of things.  Then a friend mentioned this morning about having a relaxing weekend and it kinda pulled me up short – I can honestly say that “relaxing” had not even occurred to me.  Whoops.  It has now though.  Besides the fact that I have only packed in my head (ie created lists of things) I have every intention of walking out of work at lunchtime, packing all sorts of delightfully summery (size 14!!!) clothes and my book and hitting the road with some good music.  Good friends, new friends and a houseboat.  Look out!

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  1. Great job on the time trial! Well done!

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