Just keep swimming

So now that we’re into (slightly) warmer weather I’ve added swimming to my activities.  My training schedule looks like this at the moment:

Monday am – Swimming
Tuesday am – Sprints and weights
Tuesday pm – Personal Training
Wednesday am – Swimming
Thursday am – Sprints and weights
Thursday pm – Personal Training
Friday am – Swimming or Sprints and weights
Saturday am – 2km walk, 6km run
Sunday am – 2km walk, 6km run

On top of those I sometimes do another run or training session on Monday, Wednesday or Friday nights.

I know, I know, there’s no rest day in there.  I take those when I have to travel for work and can’t get to the gym or go for a run.  Sometimes on a Sunday I might miss my run as well.  I’ve learnt not to feel guilty about it and now see it as a rest day.

Coming up to Christmas break I’ve agreed with my trainer that I’ll do an active recovery week.  I plan to play a few rounds of golf, couple of sets of tennis and maybe 1-2 longer runs. Stuff I don’t get to do very often but will stretch me in other ways.


Speaking of, I’m loving the swimming at the moment because it’s really getting me puffing and given me a new area to push myself and see results.  I’m the first to admit I’m not a great swimmer so I use a kickboard and flippers but it’s still getting me puffing.  As I become more confident I’ll push myself harder and start doing laps without the kickboard.

Looking forward to doing my 12WBT Week 4 fitness test this week – I’m expecting to see some pretty great results, particularly with the 1km run.

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