50kgs – GONE


So I hit a rather significant milestone this week…50kgs gone!  It kinda snuck up on me because I wasn’t expecting it just yet but I lost 2.1kgs this week and all of a sudden I was over the 50kgs lost mark.

I was initially thrilled and happily text my trainer to give the her news. She posted something on Facebook to congratulate me and friends liked and commented to also congratulate me.  That’s where things went downhill…

One friend wrote that I had just about lost her entire body weight.  Now I know that she meant well and was attempting to relate to the amount of weight but it left me in tears.

This is something that I have struggled with as my weight loss number gets bigger.  The shame and embarrassment of having to lose so much weight that I was previously the equivalent of two people. As much as I’m proud of my achievements, this thought continues to hang over me and leaves me feeling sick with shame.

I ended up getting the comment removed and wrote to my friend to tell her.  I also acknowledged this is something I will work on as I intend to continue losing weight and will most likely incur these comments more regularly.  She was very gracious in her response and was nothing but supportive.

So, as exciting as it is to have hit this milestone, I’m actually left feeling quite down about it all.  Like I said, I’ve identified it as an area to work on and will do that as I work hard towards my next milestone of 60kgs lost.

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2 Responses to 50kgs – GONE

  1. felicitye says:

    Oh my goodness, what an achievement. Well done!! I don’t know you but i’m so proud of you for achieving what you have so far. Good stuff!

  2. Pink Penny says:

    I so totally get you. I really loved this post. Thanks for sharing.

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