No rewards, this is my life now

When I started with 12wbt I set a few rewards for my milestones just as suggested (non-food rewards of course).  I had new workout gear for 20kgs lost, doona cover and sheet set at 30kgs lost, jewellery at 35kgs lost and my finale trip to Perth for 40kgs.


But I realised the other day I haven’t set any more weight related goals and not identified any rewards.  My goals are now fitness related and linked to events I want to participate in.  I’m looking down the barrel of 50kgs lost and I have no rewards identified because, well I guess it’s cause this is my life now.

I’m not saying that I’ll never reward myself again but maybe this was the progression I needed.  Nearly all my life I’ve used food as a reward, a comfort, an excuse and quite often just cause it was there.  So the first step was to stop using food for anything other than fuel.  This then meant having other rewards, tangible items that would remind me of my goals and what I have achieved.

Now I’m constantly searching for other rewards that are not quite so tangible.  On my run this morning I pictured how I would achieve walking to my parents farm (approx 22kms out of town), thought about if I’d like to eventually become a personal trainer and pictured how fit and happy I’ll be when I travel to America next year.

Gosh I’m excited about what the future holds!

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  1. Coco Girl says:

    I love this post 🙂 Inspiring, thanks x

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