Big weekend. Huge in fact.

My parents and two aunts joined my sister and I for the weekend in Sydney. It was my Dads birthday on the Sunday so Mum bought him a Bridgeclimb for the Friday evening as well as tickets for my sister and I. It was the 5.25pm climb so although it was raining we got to go up in daylight and back down at night. Thankfully the rain didn’t hamper anything and we could still see all the views.

I was rather nervous about the ladders (I’m sooo not a ladder person) but I managed to get through it with out delaying the group too much (singing under my breath helped).

The view was amazing and the thought that we were standing on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge just blew my mind. At one point I turned to my sister and said “Who does this?!?!? This is CRAZY!!!!”


Sat morning my sister and I went out to Queens Park for the workout. She had entered the fitness challenge and did so well. She was in the first heat and hadn’t done many of the exercises before (or at least the version required). She did really well coming third in her heat and the eventual winner came from her heat. She was super excited to get 2 hugs from Mish (& I was super jealous) and is fired up to do even better next round. Big shout out to the 30+ crew for cheering so loudly. She could definitely hear us all!

That’s my sister in the front being closely watched by Mish

The workout itself was good fun although both my sister and I are completely uncoordinated and don’t do classes for that very reason. We managed not to bump into too many people though and burnt about 500 calories.

That evening we got all dolled up and battled the Coldplay fans to get to Fox Studios for Finale. This time I knew where to head first (after the bar) and that was to get our photos taken. We were then just in time to see the starting video and it had my photo!!! How exciting!!

After the presentation (congrats Casey!) we caught up with the 30+ crew and even had a bit of a dance.

All in all an amazing weekend and looking forward already to Brisbane!



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1 Response to Bridgeclimb/Workout/Finale

  1. felicitye says:

    Well done on climbing the bridge! I felt unco at the workout too, glad I wasn’t the only one.

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