Round 3 wrapup

Today being Wednesday its our last weigh-in for Round 3. I don’t do smileys otherwise I would put a sad face in. Except it’s not really sad cause look at what I’ve achieved:

Weight loss: 12.3kg
Weight loss %: 11.3%
Cm’s lost: 22.3
1km time trial: 1min57sec faster
Pushups (toes): 23 more
Pushups (knees): 25 less
Sit & reach: 5cm further
Wall sit: 25sec longer

So I have now lost a total of 47kgs.

Round 4 starts on Monday which will go over Christmas and New Years which is exciting.

But before then, group workout and finale party!!!!

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1 Response to Round 3 wrapup

  1. felicitye says:

    Fantastic results all around, just look at those improvements! I might bump into you in Sydney, i’m heading up Friday night.

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