Run Baby Run

I’ve decided that it is now time to call myself “A Runner”.

I am a runner.

I go running.

I’m off for a run.

I love running.

Let’s go for a run.

Just a cool 6km run this morning.

How many weekend mornings have I wasted lying around in bed when I could have been out running? Too many! Now, I wake of a Saturday morning around 6.30am and can’t wait to hit the pavement.


I walk the first 1.4km as a warm up and then have been running about a km then walk a couple of hundred metres then run again. This weekend, once I started running at the 1.4km mark I wasn’t stopping. The last little bit was tough going up a hill but I was determined to not stop running.

When I got back to the house and started stretching I started thinking about my goal of doing the City2Surf next year. Based on the fact that I had just run 6km non-stop I now consider myself “in training”.

I’ve also changed my fitness requirements for the next round of 12wbt – to the 10km running program! Good timing too, with longer days I can be out running more often than just the weekend. Hooray!!!


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