With apologies to the sales assistant

Following on from my previous post, I did a little more shopping during my holidays.  This time I wandered into Suzanne Grae.  I have not been in there since I was mid-teens (then I outgrew them).  I found a shirt I thought I liked but hesitated about trying it on.  I looked around, found another shirt and while I was looking the sales assistant came over.  I asked her about sizing (I’m getting braver at this!) and she convinced me to try it on.  I mentioned I’d look at the other shirt and she kindly offered to bring it in for me to try.  So I’m in the change room and she slips the shirt behind the curtain and says “There’s a size 14 for you to try”.  I immediately thought “You what?!?!?! A size 14?!?!?! She obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

WRONG!!!!! Not only did it fit, it had room to move.  I nearly bought it just cause of what size it was!!! Unfortunately it didn’t really work for me (I’m finding most tops are too long for my hippier shape so I would have had to modify it) so I put it back but left that change room with a huge smile on my face.

So, my sincere apologies to the sales assistant who I thought didn’t know her stuff.  Turns out she does and the only person who doesn’t know her sizing is me.

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1 Response to With apologies to the sales assistant

  1. felicitye says:

    FANTASTIC! I hope you find a size 14 in a style you like and buy it.

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