When life gets in the way…

OK so I openly admit I’ve been a bit slack.  But only as far as this blog is concerned.  I’m still kicking goals in life, just haven’t been back here to talk about it.  So I’ll just list a few key dot points:

1 – I hit the 40kgs lost mark!!!
This was a goal that I had set myself about four months ago, to hit this mark before leaving for holidays.  I was 0.2kg short the Wed before I was due to leave so did a quick check on the Thurs morning before heading off on hols and had dropped the last little bit to hit 40kgs exactly.  Gave me even more drive not to mess up too much on my hols.

2 – I’ve started running.
Now I know I promised my trainer I wouldn’t start running till I hit the 100kg mark but I’m only 4kg shy of that and figure that if my back is going to crack under the additional pressure, what better place to be than at my sisters house (she’s an osteopath).  I’ve been walking nearly each day I’ve been here and feeling great so figured I would give it a crack.  The first day I did about 1km (and felt like I could have gone forever), yesterday I had a rest day then this morning I did 2km.  It’s not the most attractive run, in fact it’s more like a shuffle and more than likely I can walk faster, but I feel FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC doing it.  I’ve already been on the 12wbt website looking for fun runs near me and I’ve committed to doing the City2Surf next year.  Not necessarily running but I’d like to do a part walk/run.

3 – I had a shopping knockout/epiphany
Yesterday I had a shopping day at Robina in Qld.  I’d been wondering where I should shop and had also figured I wouldn’t buy too much as I still have a number of kgs to go.  So my first stop was City Chic.  A shop I have adored for years and have avoided for quite some time too.  I found a top and a pair of jeans to try.  I was going to grab the M top but asked the sales assistant about sizing and having just tried on a size 16 before I left home that morning, so took an S into the change room.  Put the top and jeans on and looked in the mirror and thought WOW.  The shop assistant came past and I showed her, she had a look and said both were TOO BIG!!!  So as she leaves to go get different sizes I have a little moment where I start getting teary and it actually hits me what an achievement this is.  I’m getting into sizes I cannot even remember being able to ever wear. I guess I wore them at some point but it was certainly not in this millennium.  So anyway, she came back and I put them on and they did fit.  And kinda looked good.  So I bought them and am now trying to think of any occasion to wear them.  After this little win I started thinking that maybe I could go shopping in stores that I’ve never ventured in before.  So I wandered into Katies, found a top I liked, asked the sales person about their sizing and found that the top was only available in sizes that were too large!  Murphy’s Law!  I did go into Myer and by two size 16 tops from the section that I previously even loathed to walk through.  I wonder how long until I feel like I belong in these shops and not an imposter?

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