100 reasons to lose weight

  1. To learn to like/love myself
  2. To be healthy
  3. To run
  4. So I can shop wherever I want
  5. To minimise my back injury
  6. To look good in sexy jeans
  7. To feel confident
  8. To have more energy to play with my nieces and nephews
  9. To not feel like the show is over because the fat lady has sung
  10. To not worry so much what people think of me
  11. So I can do a gym class if I want to
  12. To feel freaking amazing
  13. To run the City2Surf
  14. To not be a slave to food anymore
  15. Do lots of PROPER toe pushups
  16. To not feel like a hypocrite in my workplace
  17. To hear a nicer sound from my Wii Fit
  18. So I don’t have to second guess whether I can fit in a chair
  19. To be proud of what I’ve achieved
  20. Because it’s pretty sweet when I notice in the mirror that I’ve lost weight
  21. And not bad when others notice too
  22. Because I have no baseline – I’ve never been a healthy weight
  23. So I can pack more clothes in a suitcase for holidays
  24. So there’s no chance of me being filmed when they do yet another news article on the “obesity epidemic”
  25. To never have to research an aeroplane seat size and see if I’m going to fit
  26. So I don’t have to be embarrassed when I have to run across the street
  27. So my fluro vest will fit properly
  28. So I can do sprints up Parker St hill
  29. So I can do all sorts of adventurous things without worrying that I can’t because of my weight
  30. To wear one of those cute singlets when I train (or just cause)
  31. So that I won’t be embarrassed to eat in public (and it will be the right food)
  32. So that when I miss out or am unsuccessful at something I can know unequivocally it wasn’t because I was fat (happy to be rejected just cause)
  33. To see who I am rather than just a fat person
  34. To happily pose/participate in photos
  35. So I can wear heels again
  36. To wear nice bras not over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders
  37. To avoid all sorts of weight related health issues
  38. To not be mortified if I need surgery again and some poor bugger has to lift me
  39. So I can dance in public if I want to
  40. To have my family be proud of me
  41. To not be embarrassed to walk through the designer label section of a department store
  42. To play golf again – regularly
  43. To not have to turn directly to specific sections of a catalogue
  44. To wear nice clothes to work, not just black pants and a top
  45. So I don’t assess everyone in the room to see if I’m the biggest
  46. To stop giving into the fear
  47. To not have to go into a public toilet and wiggle around just to get the door shut
  48. To prove my brother wrong
  49. To feel feminine
  50. To not get depressed again – ever
  51. To have amazing guns
  52. To have the courage to cut my hair because it won’t be the only thing I like about myself anymore
  53. To always feel happy and bright ie. not a grump
  54. To have the confidence to look for another muso to team up with
  55. To see what weight I actually should be
  56. To live the Maya Angelou poem “Phenomenal Woman”
  57. To not feel embarrassed when I get a cold or flu (assumption that it’s cause of my weight)
  58. To put my competitive nature to the test
  59. So I can ride a motorbike again
  60. To be able to go to the pool in the middle of summer rather than wilt at home
  61. Cause I don’t want to die of weight related illness
  62. To have a rockin 40th birthday in a few years
  63. So maybe I can open my heart one day
  64. To try on skinny for a change
  65. To wear RM Williams clothes at the local show
  66. So I don’t sweat at the drop of a hat
  67. So I can play sport
  68. Because I have soooo much unfulfilled potential
  69. Because I’m worth it
  70. Because I have a beautiful singing voice and I should have the courage to let others hear it
  71. Because I hate the expression big boned
  72. So I don’t have to listen to friends give excuses on my behalf
  73. So I don’t die wondering
  74. To just be the funny girl not the funny fat girl
  75. To not look through catalogues with the phrase “If I were skinnier I would buy…”
  76. To have a regular massage (and not be worried about hanging over the side of the table)
  77. To let him see what he lost
  78. So I don’t have to wear a scarf/wrap over a cute dress
  79. To show I am so much more than a fat person
  80. To not have to overthink my outfits
  81. To experience shopping in a normal shop which I’ve never done
  82. To be the before and after person on my trainers website
  83. To be a good example to my nieces and nephews
  84. To not have to worry that I’m going to break the gym equipment
  85. To not have to worry about going to a concert and checking that I’ll fit in the seat
  86. To not have to wear two bras to workout
  87. So I can drive a V8 Supercar
  88. So I can enter fun runs
  89. So I can wrap a towel around myself
  90. So every time a chair creaks I don’t have to panic
  91. So I can wear those cute little workout clothes skinny chicks do
  92. To hear somebody who doesn’t know me call me skinny
  93. So I can go on rides
  94. So I can do burpees and chin ups and crunches
  95. To get new ink
  96. To be like the chick in “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”
  97. To be the hot sister/aunt/friend
  98. To go horseriding
  99. To be a goddess
  100. To not ever need or use excuses again
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2 Responses to 100 reasons to lose weight

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  2. kmp says:

    Hey lovely!!! I think you need to review this list to realise how many of these things you have done πŸ™‚
    Made me start a list πŸ™‚

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