This journey is my own

One of the main things I’ve had to realise over the time of my weight loss journey is that not only do I have to do this for me but no one can do it for me.  That’s not just in terms of the physical work and careful eating but also all the head space stuff.

When I have an issue to work through or a light bulb moment, while it may be relevant to others, I have to do the hard work and acknowledge/learn from it.

I am a member of a facebook page for people that have over 30kgs to lose and doing the 12WBT program.  I have felt quite disconnected from the page since joining and only contributed occasionally.  I think one of the reasons I didn’t want to contribute was because as much as everyone is super supportive (which is one of the main reasons I joined 12WBT) I have always felt I need to work through these thoughts alone.  While I admire and respect the opinions of those that have gone before me, I think Michelle’s focus on giving us the tools to make this a lifestyle and do this for ourselves is spot on.

I’ve had a couple of conversations recently with people that are trying to assist their daughters with identifying or dealing with their weight issues.  Given that I’ve been in this position my whole life, I appreciate what they are trying to do but know how well I would have reacted to the same conversation with my own mother.  At the end of the day, we all have to reach a point and want to do something about our weight.  Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.  Michelle did a video recently and talked about people that react badly to people trying to have that conversation with them, usually by going on a binge.  When you apply logic, it’s easy to see that the only person being hurt in that process is the binger.  That binger was me.

Now that I’ve had (yet another) epiphany about my own journey, it has dawned on me that giving advice is probably not very helpful.  All I can do is provide support where and when needed/requested and continue on my own path, possibly even providing inspiration to others through my actions rather than words.

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