12WBT Wk 9 – Blog (not vlog)

The main reason I signed up for 12WBT was for the sense of community and the support.  Weight-loss can be a lonely old road for so many reasons that I wanted to be able to read (and watch) others experiences/successes and maybe even eventually share my own.  I knew there would be an opportunity to do a vlog based on what I had seen at the end of the last round but after thinking about it I realised something:
I don’t have any photos of myself.
True, I’ve got the one below that I took in my office one morning and I’ve got stacks from before I started this journey.  To be honest, I had some great ideas to put in a vlog; I knew the song I wanted to use, I knew the journey I wanted to show and I knew the message I wanted to give.  But I don’t have any photos!

On a site note, every year I make a calendar for all my family members, different people on each month.  I’ve just realised that for the past few years, my page has been photos of my car, cat and house.  Never me.

I did think about rushing around this weekend convincing friends to take photos of me in various situations but when I really thought about it, how is that being true to me?  Better to admit right now that I don’t have any and make a commitment for Round 3 2012.  Not only will I have a vlog ready to submit when requested in that round, but they will be photos from now until then, not just at the end.  Including Finale in Perth!

So that’s what I’m doing differently – acknowledging my success by not just organising photos of others, but joining them in the shot.  I might even print a few of them out!


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