Soooo far out of my comfort zone!!!!

I’m finding that I’m doing more and more things that are really pushing me outside my comfort zone. I’m also becoming more aware of how I’m reacting to things that would normally stress me out.

I’ve been travelling all week and haven’t been able to work out much or have too many healthy food options. So I rang a gym today and the trainer I spoke to had a spare spot this evening. I told her I was really keen to box which she said she could do – after I hung up I looked her up on the website and saw that she used to be an amateur boxer.

Anyway, I left work, got ready and didn’t even hesitate when I walked in the gym. I realised later that I would have made myself sick with nerves and fear and worry previously. The stress of a new environment, worrying what people would think of me, meeting new people, it would have all led to me feeling ill and possible even crying.

Part of what has helped me to not react like that anymore is to recognise that:

1. I’ve wasted years worrying what people think of me when I should have been worrying what I thought of me
2. I really don’t care what people think of me (particularly those I don’t even know)
3. Nobody probably even notices me, they’re focusing on their own journeys
4. I’ve lost 32kgs so who cares what anyone thinks!

Which brings me to something else outside my comfort zone that is coming up and causing me some consternation but I’m also very calm about it – going to the 12WBT finale in Perth.

So, is it the finale? The travel? Going alone? Yep, all three. Plus the dressing up (possibly in a dress) getting hair and make-up done, turning up to an event alone, flying, pretty much everything! But that’s ok, I won’t be reaching for the chocolate, just feeling the feelings, taking time to figure out what I’m thinking and still just doing it. Who needs comfort zones anyway?

PS – the gym workout tonight? 900calories!

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