Wk6 12WBT

Halfway!  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Lost another 1.4kgs this week.  That 30kg lost is soooo close.

As a reward, I ordered myself a new doona set and Egyptian cotton sheets.  They are still in the bag they arrived in but I’m thinking they might get unpacked and washed this weekend in anticipation.

I have some challenging times ahead.  Looking like two weeks of travelling for work next month.  Not only will meals be difficult, particularly because my meetings will probably be catered (sandwiches!) but also just being able to work out.  Not stressing about it yet, just being aware and knowing that I’ll need to plan as much as possible.

In the meantime, I just did a killer SSS workout:
10min treadmill
10min cross trainer
15 x 12 stepups (each leg)
15 x 12 shoulder press
15 x 12 wall squats
15 x 12 knees pushups
10mins bike

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