The 100 Things Challenge

A delightful lady on the 12WBT FB page I’m a member of suggested we “write a list of 100 things that are great about your life and about you”.  Here’s my list (in no particular order):

  1. My Mum
  2. My Dad
  3. My siblings and their partners
  4. My nieces and nephews
  5. Chevycat – even when she brings live mice into the house
  6. I not only think my job is great but I love that I love what I do
  7. I’m fortunate enough to have a good, stable job and can support myself
  8. The house I live in (and paying off) has been in my family for nearly 100 years.  I’ve had it painted, I’ve removed the wallpaper, rebuilt the garage and have lots more plans for it to look like it used to 100 years ago
  9. My friends
  10. Technology that allows me to keep in contact with family and friends
  11. Working in the yard with my Dad
  12. Sunday lunches at the farm with Mum and Dad
  13. Sharing a birthday with my sister
  14. My singing voice
  15. Memories of grandparents – if they can’t be here then I’m thankful for the memories
  16. Being practical
  17. My hair
  18. Having a good friend that’s a hairdresser
  19. IMing with my niece
  20. The fact that my computer and TBox talk
  21. My car
  22. The house and farm where I grew up
  23. My memories
  24. Routine
  25. Singing in the shower
  26. Playing golf
  27. Country music
  28. The thrills and chills I get when hearing a new amazing country song or album for the first time
  29. Motorbike riding
  30. Smokey and the Bandit
  31. Reading
  32. My Brocky clock
  33. Unexpected phone calls from good friends
  34. My favourite Christmas decoration
  35. My artwork
  36. Jean and Lionel from “As Time Goes By”
  37. Having my cat snuggle into me at night
  38. The family history
  39. The Michelle Bridges 12WBT program
  40. Driving
  41. Getting a trophy on my heart rate monitor for meeting my workout goals
  42. Sharing a secret word with a great friend (and no, I’ll never tell)
  43. The smell of freshly mown grass
  44. Bathurst 1000
  45. Getting my nails done
  46. Knowing lots of dirty jokes
  47. Having generous parents
  48. The family calendar we make each year
  49. Sharing a love of musical theatre with my Mum
  50. The sense of community where I live
  51. The exhaust note on my car
  52. The Olympics
  53. My Hole in One trophy
  54. That I never get bored
  55. Shopping
  56. Helping organise the local show
  57. Taking an interest in world events
  58. Being able to give to charity
  59. Having access to skilled surgeons to manage my skin cancers
  60. Knowing my way around Sydney
  61. Loving Sydney
  62. Swimming
  63. Running
  64. Laughing
  65. Crying
  66. Feeling satisfied I’ve done a good days work
  67. Jane Austen
  68. “On My Own” from Les Miserables
  69. Getting a text from my sister
  70. Hearing my brother and his children call me Revhead or Aunty Revhead
  71. Knowing that I’m on the path to better health
  72. V8 Supercars
  73. Vin Diesel
  74. Being able to play the piano (albeit poorly)
  75. Sex and the City
  76. Nice shoes and handbags
  77. Taking pride in being Australia (with only a little bit of bogan)
  78. Learning how to do push ups on my toes
  79. Having fruit trees in the backyard
  80. Getting over a broken heart
  81. Knee high boots
  82. Chick lit
  83. Rain
  84. Bundy
  85. Driving fast and playing loud music
  86. Driving for over 20 years and not receiving a speeding ticket
  87. Smiling
  88. Walking down the street and knowing people
  89. Keeping on with study to eventually end up with a degree
  90. Having my nephew worry who will read to him when I have to go home (though the bottom lip wobble and tears just break my heart)
  91. Vegemite
  92. Mum’s beef stroganoff (ha – the spellcheck wants to change that to strongman)
  93. My brother’s driving skills
  94. Muttley weekends
  95. Fitness tests, weigh-ins and measure-ups
  96. Being able to feel proud of my achievements
  97. Aussie slang
  98. Boxing
  99. Hugs
  100. Knowing that I can add to this list at any time


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