I’m going to Finale!!!!!

I’ve been hesitating about Finale after hearing it was in Perth.  To be honest, I had downright written it off.  I was disappointed as I had hoped it would be in Brisbane and my sister could come with me.  But recently I’ve been thinking that although I won’t know a soul (in person at least), I’d like to go to celebrate my successes and reinvigorate myself for the next round.

Then of course I procrastinated some more.  And got nervous about what people would think about me flying to Perth for a weekend.  So I spoke to my sister and she was all for it.  She sees it as a reward and completely the right thing to do.  While I’m sad not to be sharing it with her, I’ve done as she suggested and book tickets, flights & accommodation.

This will actually be quite out of my comfort zone.  I won’t know a single person there, won’t have a friend with me to share the excitement of getting ready together, reassuring each other that we look good (or at least passable), walking in with someone, etc.  I’ve even looked into getting my hair and makeup done.  Now, what to wear!?!?!?!?

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2 Responses to I’m going to Finale!!!!!

  1. Carolyn says:

    Hi, well done on flying solo, literally! You didn’t happen to get a second finale ticket by any chance did you? Can now attend finale but am ticketless! Carolyn C – Conch on the forum.

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