Wk 6 task – create a mindset lesson / Saying Goodbye, not see you soon

Can’t imagine I’ll be very good at this task but I thought I could at least write about the biggest thing I’ve learned during 12wbt.

A common thing that weight loss and fitness professionals tell you is to set goals. Short term, long term, use the SMART principles, check them regularly. All very helpful and definitely have their place in this journey.

On reflection, I think my goals over the last number of years have been superficial and probably not really motivating. Wearing a certain size jeans for an event, dropping this many kilos by this date, etc. What I realise now is that I should have been digging deeper. While smaller clothes and numbers on the scales are important and will make me temporarily feel good, I should have been setting ones that reflect permanent changes to my lifestyle. Get my head around the fact that this is a permanent way of life, that finding comfort in a roll of cookie dough on the couch each night is a thing of the past.

While I’m still very determined, I realised the other day that I’m a little obsessed about that couch and cookie dough scenario. I don’t actually crave the cookie dough (and the couch is still in use though far less now that I’ve discovered exercise) but I might miss the comfort I thought I felt at the time. It’s almost as if I’m ok to miss couch & cookie while I’m on 12wbt (for however many rounds) but at some point, we will be reunited. Which for me is the beginning of a slippery slope.

So, my new goal (in addition to the others – I still want those jeans!!!) is to reinforce the meal plans, the exercise schedule and the good food choices because they are what will give me strength and happiness. Remind myself that this is the way it is now, that I REALLY don’t want to go back to the old ways because they only provided temporary comfort and were ultimately quite destructive. In essence, instead of saying see you soon, I really am saying goodbye to those bad habits. Goodbye and good riddance actually. That’s reward enough for me.

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