Week 2 12WBT

Week 2 started really well with careful meal planning, shopping and I even cooked one of the lasagne’s.  Travelled for work for a couple of days but took lunch on the first day (lasagne and salad) and ate conservatively for the other meals. There’s no doubt that having a stack of frozen meals (lasagne!) takes some pressure off!

I’ve found that I plan well for the weekdays but come Fri, Sat, Sun I tend to rely on whatever food is left which is working OK but I need to nip that in the bud til I become more experienced at selecting the right foods.

Sat/Sun I was wiped out with the flu so I’ve just tried to make sure my meals (or lack of) have been close to the limit.  Guess being sick is one of the external excuses out of my control that Michelle had me identify as a pre-season task.  So, I’ve acknowledged that it is out of my control and I would be best to focus on my food and not worry that I can’t work out.  I’ve worked from home for Mon/Tues this week (best not to share my illness!) but I’m on the road early Wed morning for a very full day of travelling and meetings so hopefully that won’t set me back too much.  Trying to walk that fine line between ensuring I get well and getting back into training.

Results for Week 2:
2.4kgs lost

Total lost (including before 12WBT):  23kgs

Happy with that!

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