When everybody wants to give advice…

Ever noticed that once people realise you are trying to do something about your weight, they all have an opinion?  Whether you want to hear it or not, they usually don’t hesitate to either (or both) volunteer their own experiences or espouse their theories on weight/dieting/fitness/how you look etc.

Not to mention what happens when they find out what method/s you are using to lose weight.  Everyone has their own thoughts on what works and what doesn’t.  Some are justified, some are well-researched, some based on personal opinion and some are just plain loopy.

I’ve had some pretty good results so far on the 12WBT.  I haven’t told many people, except on here, but I can see and hear disapproval at how much I’ve lost in two weeks.  Then I feel like I have to justify it (“I know this won’t continue/I’m just breaking my plateau”).  My sister is being super supportive and is using Michelle’s book “Losing the Last 5 Kilos” while I do the 12WBT.  She’s done well to bite her tongue cause she generally doesn’t where health is concerned (except discussing my weight before I started 12WBT which I am grateful for).  But then, she has studied a health related discipline at Uni and takes a real interest in all things health and fitness which I’ve always admired.

So, how does this relate to my journey at the moment?

I have two people that I completely trust when it comes to my own fitness:  an exercise physiologist/trainer that I’ve trained with on and off for over 5 years and my physiotherapist.  I achieved great results with my trainer over the years and any time I haven’t achieved anything has been due to my own lack of motivation, not her methods.  She’s also very sensible and extraordinarily knowledgeable.  Given her qualifications, she’s also been invaluable with helping me manage and come back from my back injury.  My physio has also been a life saver with my back and also managing my expectations with what I can and can’t do (and kicking me in the butt when I push myself too much).

Both of them have expressed concerns with my participation in some aspects of the 12WBT program ie. I need to be careful I don’t overdo my training and hurt my back again.  I understand what they are saying, particularly because they know how susceptible to another back injury I am so I’m trying to manage that against the results I’ve achieved thus far and also because, as much as I’m enjoying it, it is up to me to manage my own conditions.

What doesn’t help my argument is the fact I have the flu at the moment.  Some people have been telling me this is a sign of my body’s weakness because I’ve been pushing too much.  So how do I find that balance?  I’m sticking to the menu plan and working hard to burn the required calories but people see that as going too hard.  I fully acknowledge that I can be a bit obsessive at times.  But why not be obsessive and committed to the gym rather than a block of chocolate?

I had a friend tell me to “listen to my body” and “be kind to myself”.  The irony of course is that I’ve never done either of those things or I would never be in this position.  But I am going to endeavour to do both of those things.  I do know it’s possible cause I had a schnitzel and chips the other day (before 12WBT) and my body told me EXACTLY how it felt about it after such healthy food for so long (trust me, it wasn’t pretty).

So, listening and kindness are my words for this week.  I’m pretty tuned in about my back so I need to extend that to the rest of me.  And I need to manage kindness for myself in the short term with kindness for myself in the long term (eg. sticking to the program for the long term benefits).  And learn to politely deflect other people’s comments about their weight loss theories!!

PS – Michelle just posted this on the 12WBT Facebook wall: “Should you train when you’re sick? Is it a sniffle or are you cracking a fever of 38 degrees? If it’s just a sniffle, get out there and train! If you have a fever or virus take it easy and give your body a break.”  Freaky how often those fb comments relate to what I’m thinking that day…

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