Week 1 12WBT

So, how did Week 1 go?  Surprisingly well.  I wrote out my meal plan (small adjustments so I can use leftovers rather than cooking too many meals) and stuck it on the kitchen cupboard, did a HUGE shop on Sunday afternoon and stuck to the meal plan like my life depended on it (cause it kinda does).  I struggled a few times throughout the week which I fully expected.  Not only with making sure I stuck to the calorie limit and the hunger that came with that, but also just with trying sooo many new things.  I thrive on routine so to have so many new meals in one week was actually really challenging. Most were actually really nice and there was only one or two that I wouldn’t be real keen to try again.  But I’ve marked up those recipes and there’s no reason I can’t make adjustments to make them more appetising (as long as I keep an eye on the calories).

It’s amazing how the mindset changes.  Knowing that I only have 1200 calories per day means I consider everything that goes into my mouth.  I have to want it and it has to taste good cause I refuse to waste the calories!

So, results.  I got a little lost actually because people were all saying their weight loss from Sunday but what happened to the previous Wed which was the previous weigh-in?  So, I did both:

Kgs lost Week 1:
From Sunday:  1.2kg
From Wed:  2.6kg

Gotta be happy with that.

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