Food is my fuel, not my friend

I did the shopping for 12WBT Week 1 today.  I was a little (OK, a lot) daunted by all the “good” food going into my trolley.  Over the last few weeks I’ve tried to cut down on biscuits, muesli bars etc so this week wouldn’t be such a shock but did wonder if one packet of biscuits could really hurt.  Just one last little treat before the program really starts tomorrow.  Something to mark the start of 12WBT.

Because that’s what I’ve always done; used food to mark significant occasions.  If I was sad, I ate.  If I was happy, I ate.  If I was tired, I ate.  If I was watching TV, I ate.  Essentially, if I was awake, food wasn’t too far away.

I would eat entire packets of biscuits in one sitting.  I would buy them telling myself they would last but deep down knowing that as soon as I got home I would devour them in one sitting.

Thinking about it, I probably thought of food as my friend.  It could provide comfort, solace, joy, it would sit with me through sad movies, a good book and a late night uni assignment. I don’t know that I even tasted the food properly.  In the end, it was just there and needed to be eaten.

Now I’m trying to train my brain into thinking of food only as fuel.  Having it provide me with energy to get through my day.  No excess calories or energy, just enough to keep me powering through.

I guess, to bring it back to my beloved Holden V8, it would be like me going to the local petrol station, putting petrol in the car (with premium fuel of course), filling it right up and then keep on filling.  The tank is full, the excess fuel is being wasted but yet I’ve still got my hand on the pump, forcing the car to take more fuel than it needs or wants.

So, hungry though I may still be, my brain and my body are going to learn to adjust to using food as my fuel only.  And, based on the rare roast beef wrap from 12WBT I had tonight, yummy fuel it is too.

PS – Was thrilled to hear Michelle say in her video tonight that we would be transferred from 2 stroke lawnmowers to V8 Supercars.  Now car analogies I can relate to!

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