I’m so hungry I could cry

Not much more to add, that says it all. I don’t want to eat because I’m trying to adjust to 1200 calories a day but I’m sooooo hungry. I’m trying to be “in tune” & figure out if it really is hunger or just routine (it’s morning tea time and I’d normally have biscuits with my one and only cup of tea of the day) but yep, it’s definitely hunger. I hope this will get easier through two things; adjusting to it and having 12WBT start which will include Michelle’s food plans. Might make the transition to 1200 calories a bit easier (or not). I’m under no illusion that getting to, and maintaining, 1200 calories a day will be a challenge, and one that may last quite some time. Hence the post on here rather than going to the cupboard. Over the last 12 months I’ve definitely reduced my calorie intake so i guess I can draw comfort from knowing this has been a gradual reduction. Nope, no comfort there – still hungry. Well then, off to do some more work to rely on distraction instead. Bugger it.

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1 Response to I’m so hungry I could cry

  1. Jani says:

    Your body will adjust, it just needs time. Its so use to running on so much more food/energy it just takes a little time getting use to it……we’ll all get there 🙂

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