12WBT Pre-Season Task Two

So this task is all about setting goals.  Obviously my main goal is to lose weight, more than 30kgs at least.

My one month goals are:
Lose 3 kgs
Add one more item to SSS Circuit
Reduce belly size
How I will get there:
Continue exercise & plan food better to reduce calorie intake
Select item to work different muscle group
Target exercises and drink lemon water

My three month goals are:
Lose 10 kgs
Plan travel & outfit for finale
How I will get there:
Adhere to 12WBT – no excuses!
Make sure my sister can come too

My six month goals are:
Book a gig for my band
Lose 20kgs
Make sure toning as well as losing weight
Get calories burnt total to 150,000
How I will get there:
Keep rehearsals regular and talk to local Cafe
Stick to/re-enrol 12WBT
Make sure workouts rotate regularly and target different areas
Get moving!

My twelve month goals are:
Lose 45kgs
Have had 3 gigs (at least one paid) with my band
Find a guitarist for duo (in addition to band)
Run 5km
How I will get there:
Stick to/re-enrol 12 WBT
Keep practising, do an awesome first gig to get positive publicity
Advertise/learn guitar myself
Get below 100kg to take pressure of back and GET RUNNING! Oh and keep picturing this one every time you’re on the treadmill and feel strong enough to run.  Eventually you will be.


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