12WBT Pre-Season Task Three

So this task was about getting moving.  Getting to the gym or some other form of exercise at least six times a week.


I have worked out that since 12/08/11 I’ve done 172 hrs in the gym & burnt 105,460 calories. That’s 65,928 calories since the start of this year.

I love working out.  I love puffing away in the gym and feeling the burn.  All those clichés, they’re all me.

Makes me (and probably you) wonder how I ended up like this if I like working out so much.  I think a lot of it is routine.  I am a HUGE creature of habit.  Create a new routine and it’s natural for me to stick with it.  Works well when the gym is that routine.  Not so great when it’s chocolate every night after dinner.

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