12WBT Pre-Season Task Four

Michelle wants us to say it out loud.  Tell people that I am doing this program.  Become accountable.  Be a woman of my word.  List “Commitments” to Michelle, myself and anyone else that will listen.

I have to admit, I haven’t done this task yet.  I’m not sure what’s holding me back.  Is it some deep seated fear or just laziness?  I know I’m not keen on telling people what I’m doing, I’m more the quiet achiever.  I can’t even tell my Mum who would, without a doubt, be my biggest supporter.  I guess telling people means admitting it to myself.

OK, here’s one way.  Have you noticed that I haven’t given much of myself away in this blog?  Happy to be amusing and honest and up front and witty.  But brave?  Noooooo apparently not.

(Deep breath).  My name is Jillian Rheinberger.  I am 37 years old.  I live in Bega, NSW.  I have always, ALWAYS been overweight.

My commitment is to:

  • Never go back.  Get below 100 kgs, then 90kgs etc and NEVER go back
  • Go shopping and not have to avoid 90% of the shops cause there is no way their clothes would fit
  • Lose enough weight to be able to run.  Then when I start running, don’t stop.
  • Learn to support myself.  Revel in my achievements but don’t rely on others to notice or praise, just know that I did my best.
  • Learn how to provide appropriate fuel for my body.  Remember that while I absolutely, without a doubt, unequivocally put Premium petrol in my beloved Holden V8, I should learn to do the same for myself.
  • Acknowledge that it may just be OK to admit that I might want children.  And figure out what, if anything, can be done about that.
  • Give 100% to everything.  To the program, to my exercise, to my diet, to my job, to my singing, to me.

Gosh, I have something in my eye (grabs tissues).

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