12WBT Pre-Season Task One

So for the first Pre-Season task I had to write out the variety of excuses I use to not work out. Since I’ve established a routine of going to the gym each morning, I’ve also included excuses I use to not go in the afternoon/evening (either as well as or in place of mornings).
1. Everyone will stare at me when I walk into the gym and think horrible things
2. I will injure my back again
3. There’s no fun cause I can’t run
4. It’s getting harder to burn calories so why bother working out?
1. So what. Let them stare. To be honest, they couldn’t call you anything that you haven’t already called yourself. Get over it
2. You need to lose weight and do strengthening exercises so you DON’T re-injure your back. Suck it up.
3. You can run again when you hit your first milestone. Go hard to get there.
4. That’s because you’re getting fitter dumbass. Keep going!
1. I can’t walk outside cause I can’t afford to get burnt again
2. The gym isn’t open
3. I can’t walk up hills because of my back
4. It’s too cold/hot
1. True, you can’t EVER get burnt again. But you can walk at times when the UV rating is lower. And wear long sleeves/hat/sunscreen. Carry an umbrella if necessary.
2. So use your Wii Fit. Or your bike. Or your punching bag. Or your body weight. Or go outside.
3. That’s just slack. Drive to the walking track
4. You’ll be warmer when you’re sweating at the gym/you’re sweating anyway, why not make it worth it?
1. Work got in the way
2. Have a cold/unwell
1. Keep going early mornings to minimise this. Maybe take bands for all those morning in hotel rooms
2. Rest, get over it, get back into it.

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