What will success look like?

OK, so it may be wanky project management speak but it’s a valid question.

The truth is, I’ve just had a light bulb moment – I don’t know when I’ll be happy with my weight.

Let’s go back 5 yrs.  I worked my butt off (literally) and lost about 22kgs to come in under 100kgs.  I travelled overseas, had a brilliant time and still managed to lose another 4kgs.  I remember when I had lost about 18kgs my trainer was (quite rightly) having a go at me because I wasn’t happy with my achievements.  All I could see was what I still had left (though I had never defined it).

Since that time I’ve had some not nice things to deal with and found myself reunited with the weight lost (and it brought its friends).  So, off we go again and I’ve lost 16kgs so far.  How do I feel about that?  Meh.  16kgs is a drop in the ocean.  Come back to me when that number has doubled and we might think about cracking a smile.

Except, I SHOULD be saying.  YAYAYAYAY!!! I’ve lost 16kgs, that’s over 11%!

So, when do I celebrate?  I guess what I need to do is set some milestones and perhaps attach (non food/drink) rewards to them?

OK, do that now.  At 20kgs weight loss I will…..(long pause while I think)……(still pausing)…..arrange to see my old trainer and get her to measure me.  I know, doesn’t sound like a reward but I’m a numbers person.  I have a spreadsheet from every time she has ever measured me (and she’s the only one I would get to measure me).  Actually, I’m kinda excited about that.  She’s not actively training at the moment so I don’t see her often but hopefully she’ll do this for me.  I like to see the cm difference and compare it to 5 yrs ago when I got below 100.  And she and I have a deal that I have to get below 100 again before I’m allowed to run (because of my back).

Yay – a goal!  Now I better think about longer term!



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